Most people will have no trouble recognising a violin. After all, they’re a commonly used instrument. But fewer people understand just how complex the violin is, or how different one can be from another. If you are thinking of buying a violin, it’s really important to look at and play a number of different examples. The size, shape and sound quality can vary quite noticeably from one instrument to another. One violin may be tens or hundreds of years old, a second may have just left the craftsman’s bench. Which one is better? Do you like the sound projection of a French violin? Chinese made violins are just for beginners, or are they? Does a crack in an old instrument matter if it’s been properly repaired? Like the violin itself, buying one is complex.

Simon Dubber has been selling violins for many years and as a restorer literally knows them inside out. Come to Simon Dubber Violins and you will be able to try a range of instruments, old and new, of various grades and nationalities. Simon will happily chat to you about the violins, or leave you quietly to try them if you prefer. Here you will find instruments set up ready to purchase, expertise on hand if you need it, and prices which are sensible. If you can’t find what you are looking for, Simon can often track down something suitable from other colleagues in the trade, so it’s always worth asking. Simon Dubber Violins usually has a number of smaller size violins ready to purchase which are not listed on the website. Please call or e-mail for details of what is currently available.

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